One more girl but a unique one

Ивано-Франковск. Started: 2014-08-01

These days little Eva enjoys her summer: she's running around the house, riding her bike. At first glance one wouldn't even notice this spirited girl is seriously ill. However, parents are looking at this activity of hers with great pain. Because they know the dreaded enemy won't let their live for long. This enemy is Kostman's syndrome. This disease deceitfully destroys the immunity completely, people having it don't live for more than a year. The only salvation is the bone marrow transplantation from the unrelated donor. But she could be operated only abroad for 115 000 EUR.

Need: 500.00 UAH

Daniella should dance: Stage

Киев. Started: 2014-08-01

Daniella again needs our help. On UBB we have collected money for one course of chemotherapy for a girl, and now we plan to collect the sum for one more course. Generally the girl needs to be on at least 7 courses of chemo. Parents and daughter are very grateful to all those who in these hard times support them, and they are optimistic and believe that step by step – and together we're able to discharge a healthy girl Daniella from the hospital! She thanks to all from Israel and asks to support her again!

Need: 171.72 UAH

We don't want to lose our son

Kherson. Started: 2014-07-31

Sergiy is a 7-year-old boy with exhausted eyes full of pain but in his heart there is a smoldering spark of hope for LIFE. The only thing the boy wants, the only thing the boy asks God is to have his CHILDHOOD! He wants to play, to run, to go to school, to socialize with peers and become a famous football player. But now his only dream's to get out of hospital's walls and to recover because his life just begins. He wants to have childhood without pain and tears. He dreams of life without droppers, injections and chemo. He dreams of a happy future without a blood cancer. Don’t we help him?

Need: 250.00 UAH